G – Contains Gluten
D – Contains Dairy
N – Contains nuts
V – Vegetarian

Please inform your server about any allergies before placing an order.

To Pick At

Breads, with extra virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar (G,V)
Frites with smoked paprika (V,G)
Salted almonds (N,V)
Fried corn (V)
Olives (V)


Goats cheese parcels with sweet chilli and balsamic vinegar (G,D,V)
Tomato and mozzarella arancini (G,D,V)
Chargrilled piquillo peppers with goats cheese, pesto and honey (N,D,V)
Fried halloumi with red onion chutney and hazelnut dressing (G,N,D,V)
Mexican potatoes with creme fraiche (G,D)
Moroccan couscous with aubergine, pine nuts and harissa yoghurt (G,D,N)
Masala chickpeas with fried onion and mango yoghurt (G,D,V)
Asian slaw with caramelised peanuts, mango and orange, (N,V)
Brie and red onion crostini (G,D,V)
Beetroot salad with feta, salted almonds, dill and apple (D,N)
Butterbeans with pesto, baby tomatoes and spiced peanuts (D,N)
Hummus with smoked garlic, chilli oil and crostini (G)


Fried baby squid with lemon aioli (G)
Tiger prawns wrapped in serrano ham with garlic butter (G,D)
Crispy cod with honey aioli (G)
Korean BBQ salmon with Asian slaw (G,N)
Tiger prawns with avocado and wasabi puree, lime syrup, garlic, ginger and poppadums (G)
Sea bream with pesto and olives (N,D)
Mussels with pancetta (G,D)


Japanese fried chicken with wasabi mayonnaise (G)
Meatballs in tomato sauce with parmesan (G,D)
Korean pork belly with peanuts and spring onions (G,N)
Baby chorizo with honey and sherry vinegar (G,D)
Pork and chicken skewers with Spanish parsley and almond sauce (G,N)
Picante chorizo with potatoes, red onion, tomatoes and creme fraiche (G,D)
Coriander and sesame glazed chicken with apple slaw (G)
Chargrilled chilli and cumin steak with lemon butter and sweet potato puree (G,D)


White chocolate and elderflower mousse with strawberry sauce and lemon shortbread (D,N,V)
Cherry, dark chocolate and mint parfait with house made honeycomb (D)
Saffron creme caramel with pistachio (D,N)
Yogurt and lime sorbet with glazed berries (D)
Baileys ice-cream, espresso syrup and caramelised pecans (D,N)


White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc 12%

Languedoc, France

£3.50 125ml £4.75 175ml £17.95 bottle

Aromatic, crisp pear, apple and peach flavors are bright and lively, yet still remain soft and juicy on the palate. Well-balanced and refreshing wine, with a delicate acidity and bright ‘medium-dry’ finish. 

Chardonnay 13%

Languedoc, France

£3.75 125ml £5.00 175ml £18.95 bottle

Surprisingly rich brioche, apple, peach and lemon flavors are expressed on a palate with incredible depth and buttery notes– soft, indulgent and sophisticated.

Uby, Colombard Ugni Blanc 11%

Cotes de Gascony, France

£4.00 125ml £5.25 175ml £19.50 bottle

Sumptuous flavours of lemon curd and juicy pear. The crisp acidity leads to a tangy mid length finish.

Pinot Grigio 13%

Veneto, Italy

£4.25 125ml £5.50 175ml £19.95 bottle

Vivid aromas of acacia flowers, apple and pear evolve into a crisp and refreshing palate, then a fruity, light and fragrant finish.

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 13.5%

Marlborough, New Zealand

£26.95 bottle

The nose is youthful, lemony and fresh. Medium-dry and full bodied.

Chenin Blanc 13.5%

Stellenbosch, South Africa

£20.95 bottle

A tropical fruit explosion with notes of guavas, pears and sweet melon, the finely balanced acidity captivates the palate.

Sancerre 13%

Loire Valley, France

£32.50 bottle

The palate is zesty and acidic.

Red Wines

Merlot 13.5%

Languedoc, France

£3.25 125ml £4.50 175ml £17.50 bottle

Youthful and fresh wine, with rich and fruity flavors, velvety smooth and round, with a soft freshness of the Merlot grape as expressed by the Languedoc terroir.

Cabernet Sauvignon 13%

Languedoc, France

£3.50 125ml £4.75 175ml £18.50 bottle

Surprisingly complex for a young wine, rich, vibrant and silky smooth.

Shiraz 14%

New South Wales, Australia

£3.75 125ml £5.00 175ml £19.00 bottle

A soft, smoky, fruity style of Shiraz, showing plum and berry fruit, elegant spicy oak and hints of liquorice, lifted by a vein of fine freshness and a subtle peppery spice.

Carmenere 13.5%

Colchagua Valley, Chile

£4.00 125ml £5.25 175ml £19.50 bottle

Abundant red and black fruit balances harmoniously with hints of liquorice and chocolate. So ripe is the blackcurrant and raspberry fruit, there’s a mouth-watering silkiness to this wine. 

Rioja Crianza 14%

Rioja Alavesa, Spain

£22.00 bottle

The 2012 Crianza is pure tempranillo aged in oak barrels for 15 months.

Pinot Nero 13.5%

Veneto, Italy

Cherry, plum and raspberry form the body of this smooth, elegant Pinot Noir from Northern Italy. Well-balanced, with the sophistication and complexity associated with this noble grape.

Cotes du Rhone

Rhone, France

£30.50 bottle

(70% Grenache, 20% Syrah, 10% Mourverde) Offering more depth and richness than a straight Cotes du Rhone.

Rose Wines

Pinot Grigio Blush 12%

Rechsteiner, Italy

£3.50 125ml £4.75 175ml £19.95 bottle

Fruity boquet with a soft and elegant palate. Perfect as an aperitif and with seafood.

Rose d´Anjou 11.5%

Loire, France

£4.25 125ml £5.50 175ml £21.00 bottle

Flavours of strawberry, raspberry and rosehip. Well balanced and sweet.

Sparkling Wines

DiMaria Prosecco 11%


£4.50 125ml £18.00 bottle

Fantastic citrus aromas complimented by its crisp acidity

Prosecco Spumante DOC 11.5%

Veneto, Italy

£5.50 125ml £21.50 bottle

Crisp, fruity and elegant with a dry finish.

Prosecco Spumante Rose 11.5%

Veneto, Italy

£23.95 bottle

Refreshing, crisp and dry rose with good fruit intensity.