The Frustrated Chef

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I have described the bar concept – warm, vibrant and earthy with a focus on value for money. For the restaurant to be a success there needs be sufficient differentiation between:

- The décor in the restaurant and the décor in the bar.
- The food in the restaurant and the food in the bar.
- The atmosphere in the restaurant and the atmosphere in the bar.

In the restaurant customers need to experience that added wow factor. They will be served some of the best food in the country, in wonderfully luxuriant surroundings all wrapped up in a warm, exotic atmosphere. I want them to feel pampered and special.


When people walk upstairs into the restaurant I want them to feel as if they have walked off the high street and into a wonderful dream. My intention is to create a continental feel with an Eastern twist. One can almost describe it as being a high class Spanish restaurant on a beachhead in the Maldives. I want people to imagine themselves sitting on the veranda of a beautiful waterfront restaurant whilst eating their dinner under the moon and stars. The décor is critical to my pricing structure. No matter how good the food is, if the place looks cheap or the staff aren’t elegant, then people will not pay the high prices. Consequently, the restaurant décor has to exude style and warmth. To create that atmosphere:

- The walls will be smooth and painted a polished terracotta leaning towards a light brown sheen.
- The walls will be dressed with mirrors and paintings, and the windows framed with luxuriant off-white curtains.
- The lighting will be subdued but enhanced with a few elaborate pieces.
- Candles will be used throughout.
- The tables will be covered with hemp cloth.
- Fresh flowers will act as centre pieces to the restaurant bar area.
- The staff will be dressed in off-white hemp free flowing Indian shirts.


Food is the backbone of the Veranda. The intention is to offer a range of dishes which look stunning, taste fantastic and transport people to an island paradise. That is why the menu has been spiced up with an Eastern twist. The Veranda’s menu consists of:

- Mediterranean dishes.
- Goan dishes.

These cuisines have been combined so that I can offer a fantastic range of  flavours, aromas and ultimately choices. The menu consists of:

Mediterranean: It ranges from classic favourites to more complex versions of standard dishes. The idea is to provide authentic home-cooked dishes and a few cleverly designed ones. I want customers to come in on one day and have my paella and the next week to try my succulent swordfish flavoured with citrus zest and olive oil which is served with roasted beetroot, almonds, grilled leeks and a Harissa sauce.

Goan: Goan food has been regarded for many years as being one of the finest cuisines in India. As Goa was a Portuguese colony for 400 years the Mediterranean influences are phenomenal. The sea is Goa’s backyard and   like the Portuguese we love our fish, from tiger prawns to the oily mackerel.  I want customers to come in on one day and have my grilled masala Kingfish served on a bed of white rice and the next week to order a lamb coconut curry which has been cooked with roasted spices and topped with fresh coriander.

Can you imagine sitting in a candlelit restaurant, exotic paintings adorning the walls, elegantly dressed staff gliding across a polished black slate floor? People are tucking into delightful varied dishes which could only be matched by a few restaurants in the World. That is my vision.