The Frustrated Chef

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The Bar

The bar needs to bring mainland Europe to the high street.


When people walk into the Veranda I want them to feel as if they are on the continent. I am going to do this by creating a very strong visual look. The bar interior will have a rustic feel and will use many natural materials such as stone, bare brick and oak. The intention is to remind people of small bars found in the back alleys of old Mediterranean cities. The furniture will have an aged feel in keeping with a bar which has been in existence for many years. To pull people in; the bar will be accessorised with large mirrors, paintings, seductive lighting and a range of lush green plants to provide that authentic continental look. Finally, the exterior windows will be large and the frames in keeping with the internal woods used within the bar. The idea is to create as much internal space as possible using natural daylight and at the same time allow passer-byes the chance to get curious about the Veranda.


The drinks selection will be varied, offering a selection of the best drinks from across the continent. I want people to recommend the Veranda to friends and colleagues. It must be known for being the best place in town for:

Continental beer: Refreshing Swedish cider, three types of Munich wheat beer, crisp cold beer from Cologne, and a selection of Spanish  beers will be available.
Cava: A range of Cavas that can match any Champagne will be stocked.
Wines: We will be known for a small but high-quality wine list. I have found some brilliant wines which will be sold at reasonable prices.
Cocktails: The cocktail list will not be vast. Six have been chosen, all with a Latin twist. By limiting the choice, and using the best ingredients and meticulous preparation; the Veranda will become recognised as serving some of the best cocktails in town.  

Can you imagine relaxing in a candlelit bar surrounded by people supping beer, drinking wine, and sipping Cava? The visual impression will be amazing.


Many bars offer extensive menus with choices from around the world, but because of their complexity the food is generally poor. At the Veranda I intend to stir up the market by going back to basics and giving people what they really want. I will offer:

The menu will be based upon bowls and platters. There will be a Mexican chilli made with steak, beer, chocolate and cumin; tagines of lamb, prunes and honey glazed carrots; coq au vin made with crispy bacon bits and perfumed with orange zest and star anise; spicy garlic pasta jazzed up with pan-fried butternut squash. The possibilities are endless but, to retain the quality, on any given day there will only be eight choices.

Can you imagine sitting in a candlelit bar surrounded by people eating scrumptious food and sipping wonderful wines? Some will be having Cava with small canapés; others will be sipping wine whilst nibbling on olives. Some may be tucking into bowls of mouth-watering paella. The overall atmosphere will be fantastic.