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Beauty can be found in Anything

Feeling the Breezes

“Feeling the breezes” is profoundly uplifting and soul satisfying. It is the perfect mechanism to reduce worry, increase memory and most important of all – put a smile on your face.

“Feeling the breezes” is all about enjoying the present. It’s very different to meditation and visualization, because the idea is to turn, not inwards, but outwards and to fully appreciate the immediate surroundings. We all go through life like passengers on a train; never really appreciating the journey, just hurriedly yearning to reach our final destination. In doing so, we end up compressing the timeline, failing to notice the beauty around us and ultimately losing the opportunity to bring joy to our lives. “Feeling the breezes” is a simple technique of slowing down, actively taking notice and ultimately interacting with our surroundings.

Employing all four senses, but predominantly sight, the idea is to become actively aware of your environment and in doing so, realising its beauty. You begin to notice small things, which previously you wouldn’t have seen. It could have been a dead tree, which as you passed by awoke memories of drift diving along spine coral reefs. It could have been walking through a dark alley and coming across a bright yellow flower amongst a patch of weeds, the list goes on and on.

Once you start “feeling the breezes” the moments of exhilaration and enjoyment increase exponentially. Other senses begin to awaken. Touch, taste, and sound soon become catalysts for emotional enjoyment. Previously ordinary, unidentifiable experiences become interesting, emotional, and joyous.

When I focused on the beauty around me I would be in the zone. I could have been walking to the train station in the howling wind on a cold, wet winter’s morning and I would feel fantastic. I would be joyously uplifted by the cold wind caressing my face, I would celebrate the morning song of the wintry leaves as they rustled in unison like waves breaking against the shore and I would be totally enthralled by the cinematic beauty of the street lights as they cast wondrous dancing shadows which chased me from one light to the next. I could have been on the Tube and “feeling the breezes” would have got me to embrace the hot, smoky, acrid air as we raced through the tunnels, as if it were the sweet, spicy scent of tandoors from the beaches of Goa.